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About JCL Legal

A local Sydney law firm that takes the time to understand your needs

Jeffrey Choy
Jeffrey Choy, founder

The team at JCL Legal incorporates over 60 years of legal, migration and small business experience.

At JCL legal we have represented clients in all manner of situations both large and small. Whilst our primary emphasis is on litigation where we have conducted matters from the highest court in the land, the High Court of Australia to local court, tribunals and mediations. The extensive experience of our team includes the buying and selling of real estate, the buying and selling of businesses along with over 20 years experience in handling migration matters for individuals and businesses. We pride ourselves that the majority of our clients come to us as a result of recommendation.

We believe one of the things that really sets us aside is that we take the time to listen. We want to know your story, we want to know how you wish to resolve your concern and how resolution fits into your full life circumstance. Only after we have heard and ensured that we understand you completely will we make any comment or provide any advice. The law is complex and difficult to understand so we make sure we take the time to make sure you thoroughly understand and then how we will work with our knowledge of the law to obtain the best possible result.

Our team uses, alongside an extensive knowledge of the law, firsthand business, mediation and personal growth experience to determine the best way forward. Our prime concern is always to obtain the best possible result and preferably without resorting to litigation. Whilst litigation can be very effective, it is giving a judge who neither knows you or your personal situation to make a decision only on the evidence that he or she is given. This is the primary reason our team has a broad experience and knowledge, to inform you of the most suitable range of solutions.

Why you should engage JCL Legal for your Commercial and Family matters

The principal of JCL legal, Mr Jeffrey Choy, prior to entering law was fully engaged in small business. He has owned a variety of different businesses including a photographic minilab; a commercial photo laboratory; wedding photography business; hairdressing salon and a small transport business. In addition he has both owned and leased commercial premises.

His small business career spanned over 20 years during which time he experience both boom and bust including the wiping out of the photographic industry by the introduction of digital technology. He has experienced the pleasure of a booming business and the pain when that business disappeared due to the introduction of new technology. His real life journey provides the insight of what drives a business giving him a depth of understanding that law alone can never provide. He is able to provide to you practical advice because he has being at the coalface of running a business and having been both a tenant and the landlord. He understands what you are going through because he has been there and takes your whole situation into account, in providing legal advice.

Regretfully, Jeffrey also has the experience of a broken relationship where children are involved. He has first-hand undergone the trauma and tragedy that divorce produces, the loss both emotional and financial. That understanding comes about because he has been through the process. This enables him to empathise and assist you to work through family litigation both children and property. He works to achieve the best result for you and your children. His advice to you is based on reality, not reading, not observing but having real-life experience along with the knowledge of family law.

It is this unique combination of life experience along with a deep understanding of the law that gives him a perspective to assist you in meeting and resolving issues that arise.

At JCL Legal we work for your best interest by engaging with you to discover what you want and how we can best assist you to achieve your long-term goals, not only from a legal point of view, but having being in your position. This gives a greater depth of understanding to provide the best help and advice. But most of all what we do best is listen to discover exactly how we can help you.

To best try and keep you fully aware of the costs involved in seeking resolution, we advise the estimate of cost stage by stage, which then allows us to keep you fully informed of your legal costs.

As every situation is individual and we wish to provide you the absolutely best service, we offer an introductory half-hour interview where you can discuss with one of our lawyers your particular circumstance at a very special discounted price of $110.00 including GST.

Please contact us to make an appointment by using our enquiry form on this website or telephone our Sydney CBD office on +61 (0) 2 8215 1588 or after hours, Mr Jeffrey Choy on +61 (0) 419 233 670.