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What is an Advanced Care Directive

27th July 2020

what is an advance care directive 


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What is an Advanced Care Directive."
This is a question often asked of me.
An Advanced Care Directive (“ACD”) is a legal document which sets out your wishes in the event that you seriously ill or injured and unable to make or communicate your wishes regarding medical care and there is no likelihood of recovery. You will have appointed a person who you wish to make those decisions, should you ever be in that situation.
With the advent of modern medical technology there is the equipment to prolong the life of a person without the ability to necessarily provide the quality of life which you wish or even find acceptable due to lifestyle choices or medical costs. Such a directive will allow your nearest and dearest to make appropriate decisions regarding your treatment. To make such a directive the following considerations must be made.
What are your life values that determine your lifestyle;
Who would you like to make your medical decisions; and 
What are your wishes regarding the place that you wish to live.
To consider such matters I recommend the following websites:
Whilst an ADC can be written without legal advice I strongly believe that your ADC should be an integral part of an Enduring Guardian. This is where you appoint a person to make life decisions in the event of you lose mental capacity and are unable to make lifestyle decisions. This could occur should you be in a non-life-threatening coma or become subjected to dementia. Your Enduring Guardianship can be subject to a report from a geriatric specialist or a psychiatrist who specialises in aging.   
If either you or anyone you know wishes to know further, or discuss these matters, please do not hesitate in contacting me. 
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