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Non Executive Director

non executive director

We can assist with Non Executive Director positions to establish an Australian Company

The principal of JCL Legal, Jeffrey Choy is active in assisting Chinese people wishing to establish companies in Australia. It is a requirement under the Corporations Act that at least one director be living in Australia and if there is a secretary then that secretary must also live in Australia. Jeffrey is currently acting for Chinese companies in this capacity and is available for new clients.

It is important that an Australian resident director not only fulfil the residency requirements but is also qualified to assist the company negotiate the various legal requirements along with the demanding and wide ranging requirements demanded by law, of a director. In addition a director should have wide business experience. Jeffrey brings with him an extensive career in business acquired prior to becoming a solicitor in real estate, production and retail.

It is the combination of his Chinese heritage and familiarity with the legal and business requirements of Australia that sets Jeffrey Choy apart. It is this combination of experience that allows Jeffrey Choy to assist Chinese businesses to establish and thrive. His team comprises members who are fluent in both Cantonese and Mandarin.

Please contact Jeffrey Choy either by email at; by mobile on +61 4 1923 3670 or Wechat ID: jrfchoy.



JCL 律师行的宗旨是帮助中国人在澳洲创建自己的公司,在有关创建公司的法律之下,一名董事长必须居住在澳洲,如果公司有秘书,秘书也必须居住在澳洲,Jeffrey Choy律师可以用其律师资格代表中国公司接受新的客户。

在澳洲居住的董事长不仅要履行其居住所需的资格,还要授权帮助公司处理各方面有关法律所需的各项事宜,董事长必须具备多种的生意经验,Jeffrey Choy律师在做律师之前已经具备了在房地产,多种产品及零售业的生意经验。

Jeffrey Choy律师与其他律师不同的是他具有中国文化背景及在澳洲做生意所需的法律专业知识,因为具有多种各类经验使得Jeffrey Choy律师可以帮助中国人建立他们所需的生意并使其不断状大。他的律师行团队成员可以说流利的国语和粤语。

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电话:+61 4 1923 3670


微信: jrfchoy

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