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JCL Legal is able to provide the services of a Public Notary.

The Supreme Court of New South Wales appoints a Notary Public. To qualify as a Notary Public you need to be a solicitor who has held a full Practicing License for at least 5 years and has qualified to be appointed. A Public Notary and is authorised to take oaths and certify and draft documents for use outside of Australia.

We are available to assist in the following matters:

  • Certifying government documents, personal documents and information for use overseas;
  • Witnessing signatures from individuals, to documents and confirming identity;
  • Witnessing – and preparing - Powers of Attorney for use internationally;
  • Certifying true copies of documents for use internationally;
  • For corporations and business, witnessing documents and confirming status and transactions; and
  • Dealing with documentation for land, property and deceased estates overseas.
  • Please note this service incurs a fee. Our charges are set out here: NSW Notary Public Fees

If you need to see us after hours, telephone our office for an appointment.

Please contact us to make an appointment by using our enquiry form on this website or telephone our office on +61 (0) 2 8215 1588. As a special service to our Chinese clients we have a special Chinese language telephone number where you can speak to Ms Juliette Chang on 0426 282 78.

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